For the Love of You

A fantasy adventure with LGBT romance! Updates on Fridays! Rated Mature for language, violence, nudity, and sexual content.

Here are links to other webcomics I recommend!

My good friends Lee and Lisa created this wondeful pre-historic fantasy:


O Human Star is a great Sci-Fi family drama by Blue:


Everyone should probably read Gunnerkrigg Court if you like good webcomics:


Awesome roadtrip hijinks and male/male sexytimes abound in The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal:


For more wonderful queer fantasy, check out Knights Errant:


The wonderfully weird, funny, and thought-provoking Templar, Arizona:


Monster Pulse! I am really enjoying this young adult-friendly webcomic that is sort of like Pokemon if the monsters were made out of your body parts (it is absolutely as awesome as it sounds):


A Redtail's Dream is a beautifully drawn comic that reads very much like an epic Finnish folktale:


Sandra and Woo is a really cute, funny comic about a girl and her talking raccoon:


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