For the Love of You

A fantasy adventure with LGBT romance! Updates on Fridays! Rated Mature for language, violence, nudity, and sexual content.

Profiles will be added and updated as the story unfolds.

Our Main Players

Tristyn Iseki

 At eighteen years old, Tristyn may not seem like much at first glance.  He's a bit scrawny, still growing into his body, and he's not very tall.  However, within his slight form, he harbors a dark and terrible power-- a power that many have died for, and that others would kill for.  He only wishes to rid himself of his curse, especially its more... uncomfortable side-effects.


Pader Greenleaf

Being an elf, Pader is far older than he appears. He's amiable, amorous, and charismatic. This is no peaceful woodland being, however. Pader is deadly with a bow, and carries secrets that may be deadlier yet...



Don't let his cuddly appearance fool you! Viceroy is what is commonly known as a "lesser demon beast", a creature that is technically a demon, but not much more powerful or intelligent than an ordinary animal. He is bound to Pader through a magic gem about the size of a marble-- a common way of binding a demon to a person so that it must do their bidding.


Bethyshadi Iseki

Bethyshadi, or "Shadi" to her loved ones, was a former slave. She is Tristyn's mother.


The Peregrine: Xenia Didot

Shadi's lover and Tristyn's surrogate parent, Xenia is a figure shrouded in mystery.


The Corsair: Melanthe Parisi

The Peregrine's adventuring partner, a practical and ruthless treasure hunter.



A powerful, yet "tame" demon, passed from The Peregrine to Tristan. Though seemingly obedient to the holder of his demon's blood gem, he has his own agenda.

Minor Players


The Bandit Trio

At the beginning of our story, Tristyn is trying to escape these bandits, in order to spare them from his curse. A couple of chance encounters in the forest slow him down, however, and he winds up having to deal with the bandits-- along with an unlikely ally, Pader. Their names, if you were wondering, are Nilas (the redhead), Kronth (the balding guy), and Taemir (the woman in green).

Spoiler alert: They all die.